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    Paul & Linda Fahnestock

    Paul & Linda Fahnestock

    Since September 2015, the Fahnestocks organized and led Bible translation workshops with 25 languages in South America and Southern Africa using the WA accelerated methodology MAST. With a team of Brazilian translators, they completed a new Portuguese study Bible in February 2019, a three-year project. Linda and Paul met a group of Brazilian Deaf translators who were using the WA accelerated methodology to translate the first Bible in the Brazilian sign language called LIBRAS. The Deaf translation methodology is called DOT (Deaf Owned Translation). The leaders of the DOT Brazil translation team invited the Fahnestocks to join them to help complete the LIBRAS Bible in the next five years. With the completion of the Portuguese Bible, they felt the Lord was opening a new door of ministry to them. As a result, Linda and Paul have been recognized by WA as Liaisons to the DOT Brazil LIBRAS Bible project. There are 2 million Deaf Brazilians and less than 1% know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Linda and Paul invite you to join them in helping the Deaf of Brazil to have access to God’s message of love and salvation in Jesus Christ.

    Photo: Paul and Linda in Brazil with Karin, a Deaf translator.

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