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    Scott Walker Wingman Memorial Fund

    Scott Walker Wingman Memorial Fund

    "That the Holy Spirit would provide His wind that creates the lift to gain His perspective and ensure victory in all His missions.
    I prayed for you today!"

    —Scott Walker, prayer notice in November 2017

    "Scott was relentless in his ministry of prayer and he fought spiritual battles together with the Wycliffe Associates team all over the world until just days before his heavenly journey. Years ago Scott originated the Wingman prayer program and made sure that we felt his presence through prayer, just off our wing, wherever the ministry of Wycliffe Associates took us around the globe.
    Thank you for your amazing contribution to Bible translation Scott!
    Godspeed Wingman!"

    —Brent Ropp, Wycliffe Associates

    In lieu of flowers, the family has asked for Scott's life to be celebrated with donations to ministries. Here’s the background of a critical Bible translation opportunity . . .

    We have a new opportunity in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Of all the nations on earth, there are more languages here WITHOUT Bible translations than ANY OTHER.

    We’ve worked hard here for many years, but the tribes and remote villages here are extremely difficult to reach. It can take days to find them.

    But now we are partnering with national church organizations, in a central location, equipping them to launch Bible translations for themselves.

    Doing this will accelerate Bible translation in PNG more dramatically than ever before.

    If we seize this opportunity today, translators can begin work in 5 new languages in just a few weeks—and this may open the door for translations in many other languages to quickly follow!

    The Full Truth—Finally

    The isolated villages in Papua New Guinea are still practicing idol worship, engaging in demonic rituals, and are living under the enemy’s hand.

    One of the church leaders we are partnering with said:

    “We are tired of watching our people walk into eternity without knowing the Word of God.”

    Men, women, children . . . entire generations . . . don’t understand the full truth of the gospel or the depth of Christ’s love.

    Today, God is giving you the chance to show them.

    Translate God’s Word Together

    Can you help us seize this God-sized opportunity in Papua New Guinea?

    Your best gift today will help to secure this amazing Bible translation training facility, PLUS provide national translators with access to:

    In just a few weeks, 5 new languages—and the hope of many more languages in the months ahead!

    We have been praying for this opportunity for years, and now it is finally here: truly the opportunity of a lifetime!

    "That the Holy Spirit would provide His wind that creates the lift to gain His perspective and ensure victory in all His missions." —Scott Walker

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