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    DRC Advance

    DRC Advance

    69 Bible Translations on hold. People STILL waiting for God’s Word.

    Generations of tribal violence in Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are threatening to prevent the translation of 69 new languages.

    In this troubled country, innocent families have endured decades of war, heartache, and an absence of the gospel. Many live in crippling fear of what each day will bring:

    In total despair, they wonder if anything can ever be different!

    But we know that God’s Word changes everything!

    Scripture—if it comes in the language of the people’s hearts—brings light . . . hope . . . healing. Missionaries tell us again and again that conflict subsides when people begin to absorb the Word of God in their own heart languages. Barriers between tribes start crumbling as God’s Word washes over people’s hearts and God’s love makes everything new.

    You can help launch Bible translation into 69 new languages of the DRC—to give multitudes of Africans a taste of God’s Word they’ve never had . . . and the healing of the heart that can only come from above.

    All it takes is $19,500 to provide the technology and training to complete a New Testament translation.

    Until then, these 69 Bible translations are ON HOLD. And the suffering in central Africa goes on.

    Please help share God’s Word with the people of the DRC—to set them free from vicious tribal conflict and violence. He is a mighty God, and will use your heartfelt gift to calm angry hearts and save the lives of many . . .

    God will use YOU today—to reconcile lives to Christ throughout the DRC!

    THIS IS THE CRUCIAL MOMENT. God has set the stage: national Bible translators are ready right now, waiting to begin!

    Be as generous as possible today!

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