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    MAST River of God

    MAST River of God

    God’s Word for “impossible” language groups!

    It’s too dangerous—

    In Muslim- and communist-controlled parts of Asia, it’s difficult, dangerous, deadly for Americans—we can’t even send workers in to set up Bible translation workshops, to find safe venues, or to train translators. 

    Religious oppression is so intense, anti-Christian persecution is so fierce, and authorities so harshly deny entrance to outsiders, that foreigners have never even attempted Bible translation in these areas.

    But now, highly qualified Asian ministry leaders are ready to launch Bible translations in these utterly unreached areas. These are leaders who live and work in Asia. They can move around freely. They arouse none of the suspicion that Americans would provoke in these places.

    It’s a phenomenal opportunity. THEY MUST BEGIN IMMEDIATELY. These leaders will work in places that were previously thought impossible to reach . . .

    Americans are despised there. One Asian translator said, “A white person coming into these places sends red lights flashing. It invites kidnapping.” Any outsider is suspect. Even if you can get into the country, your every move is tracked. A knock at the door could mean imprisonment.

    But these leaders are local! They’ll blend into the culture. They will be able to move around and work in ways that no foreigner ever could without raising suspicion.

    The leaders of this strategy are calling it the “River of God”—and just like a river that flows with life and abundance, this team will rush into the darkness to bring the light of the good news.

    You can send a Bible translation leader to one of these areas for $96 a day.

    $672 sends them into these areas for a week.

    $3,000 covers a month for one of these translators.

    Please give NOW. Thank you!

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