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    Kari Watrous

    Kari Watrous

    I have recently graduated with my Masters in Spiritual Formation at Talbot School of Theology, and it was there three years ago that I met my classmate who had previously been a missionary in Papua New Guinea. Ever since then, I knew I needed to go there and do ministry there myself. I praise the Lord that now is the time to visit and I pray that later on I will be able to return and do longer term work there.

    As a Translation Facilitator, I will manage and train a small group of local translators. On this trip, the languages that the Bible will be newly translated into are: Yaleba, Wagawaga, Sinaki, Unubahe, and Amoli.

    I invite you to join me in this high-impact trip to bring the Good News to those who have likely never heard it before.

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