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    Scriptures for New Frontiers

    Scriptures for New Frontiers

    An Open Door in a Closed Country

    This country is known for hostile actions towards Christians—believers must meet in secret, whispering so their worship isn’t detected by local authorities. Men and women live everyday under constant scrutiny from the local government, every move is watched.

    But a door of opportunity just blew wide open . . .

    National Bible translators reached out to us to help them start 10 new translation projects that will impact 10 million people!

    To start all 10 projects we need $195,000.

    Previously we had thought it would be impossible to have Bible translation projects in this country . . . but God turns the impossible into possible!

    Will you walk with us through this door of opportunity and help give these fearless national Bible translators the technology, tools, and training to start translating God’s Word in their heart language?

    Please give to help them start translating God’s Word!

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