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    Wycliffe Associates members are committed to sharing a common vision—Vision 2025. Working together as partners, we desire to see a Bible translation project started in every language needing one by the year 2025. What a bold step of faith!

    How can we unite our efforts to help accomplish the task? By praying, going, telling others, and giving! Your participation and commitment is incredibly important to all those who still wait for the precious Word of God in their heart language!

    It's hard to image, but there are hundreds of millions people who still need God's Word in the language of their heart. As a Wycliffe Associates member, your participation will accelerate the work of Bible translation.

    And becoming a Wycliffe Associates member also means you’ll receive satisfying benefits such as . . .

        •  Keep current with the ever-changing work of Bible translation around the world through
           Wycliffe Associates’ colorful newsletter Involved!.
        •  Receive special updates from the Bruce Smith, President of Wycliffe Associates, when
           urgent needs or situations arise.
        •  Receive discounts on books and DVDs. Details will be provided when you receive your
           membership card.


        •  Annual Regular Membership     $30
        •  Annual Senior Citizen Membership     $25
        •  Annual Barnabas Membership*     $50
        •  Lifetime Membership     $500

    *Barnabas was a man who wanted to help. He was driven by the desire to do what he could for his brothers and sisters in Christ. His name was Joseph the Levite, but we know him as Barnabas. That name means "Son of Encouragement," and it was a name given to him as he lived his life for Christ.

    You too can be an encourager with your annual Barnabas membership in Wycliffe Associates. Your membership gift today will encourage Bible translators around the world as they work to share God's Word with people who have yet to hear His truth in their language discover eternal life in Jesus Christ. When you become a Wycliffe Associates member, it's an investment for eternity.

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