Virtual MAST (V-MAST)

National Bible translators urgently need God’s Word in the heart languages of their people—but we can’t always meet in person.

Wycliffe Associates accelerates Bible translation around the world by empowering national Bible translators and equipping the local church to translate God's Word into every language. Our MAST Bible translation workshops have seen great success with many language groups. With this collaborative translation method, the entire Bible can be translated quickly and accurately. Now more groups are seeing the results—and they want to launch workshops for their own people.

But in times of persecution or pandemic, often Wycliffe Associates staff cannot attend their Bible translation workshops in person.

Our online Bible translation process called V-MAST (Virtual MAST) enables translators and facilitators to complete entire Bible translations online without having to be in the same location!

Based on proven principles of linguistics, V-MAST engages national Bible translators and local church leaders in the drafting and checking process. Checking takes place continually throughout the translation process, greatly increasing the accuracy of the final translation.

If we can equip translators with V-MAST technology—virtual tools—they can work together while we support them remotely. Laptop computers, software, an uplink for accessing an entire library of translation resources—this system means:

• National Bible translators can keep working, collaborating online to ensure accuracy, even if not all participants can meet together in person.
• On a private digital network, they can work safely, even secretly, in areas of intense anti-Christian persecution.
• Translated Scriptures are backed up and stored in the cloud so no enemy can confiscate or destroy the work.

V-MAST can be used even with small groups of believers in the most remote locations—opening up a pathway for thousands of new translation projects that would otherwise not be possible for years to come.

Think of it—people groups who’ve lived without the Bible for centuries can finally have it. This is an exciting, historic opportunity. We can’t let it pass by.

You can give a national Bible translator a laptop computer, including all the translation resources they need to begin, for just $1,500.

Perhaps you’ll even feel led to give a major gift of $19,500 to launch an entire Bible translation.

Thank you for giving generously now to help national Bible translators share God’s Word with their own people in the language of their heart. God bless you!