Under Attack

Imprisoned, tempted to deny his faith

But when he cried out to God . . .

Jerry’s burden lifted when he remembered a Scripture from the Gospel of Luke. Jesus, talking to Simon Peter, said, “I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail” (Luke 22:32 NIV).

It was God’s Word, hidden in Jerry’s heart, that kept Him from denying Christ!

More than 70 believers like Jerry have been imprisoned in this country, but their fellow believers are pressing on to translate God’s Word.

These courageous translators are ready to risk their lives—just like Jerry did—so that when their Christian brothers and sisters face persecution or imprisonment, they have the Bible to give them strength through their trials. And they need our help!

The forces of darkness do not want the Bible to enter their strongholds. So translators are constantly fighting efforts to shut their work down.

This is why it’s so urgent that we help them today—while we still can.

It costs just $19,500 to launch a New Testament translation that can bring the truth of God’s Word to countless souls—for the very first time.

Please, help local Bible translators bring God’s Word to their people. Give whatever you can today.

Thank you—and God bless you.