Jose Ojeda

Jose and Dorka are new Wycliffe Associates members for Deaf Owned Translation DOT and will serve the Global DOT Ministry but there are still over 400 Sign Languages without scriptures.

Before 1994 Rev. Jose fasted to pray for 10 days. After a few months our God called Jose that Jose must serve ministry to preach and teach people deaf the God’s words.

Rev. Jose and Dorka graduated theology. We served as missionaries to establish all at two deaf Churches in Venezuela since 2001 as the pastors for 20 years, at Venezuela Deaf camp since 2003 for 13 years, at Venezuela Deaf pastors Ministry since 2003 for 10 years, at Venezuela Deaf Bible Institute since 2006 for 18 years and Brazil Deaf Seminary since 2010.

We served as the teachers of Pentateuch, Historical, Poetic, major prophets, minor prophets, Synoptic Gospels, Gospel of John, Acts, Epistles and Revelation at Deaf Bible Institute for 17 years.

Rev. Jose preached God's word for Deaf in 6 countries. Rev. Jose visited 17 countries. Rev. Dorka traveled with Rev. Jose in 5 countries from America and 5 countries from Europe for congresses, conferences, churches, meetings and seminary.

Rev. Jose is a reader in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Hebrew, Greek, Korean and Japanese. Rev. Jose knows 8 different Sign Languages in several countries. Rev. Dorka is a reader in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Rev. Dorka knows 4 different Sign Languages in several countries.

Please pray that the Global DOT ministry will take us to other countries to assist in each Deaf Bible translation events for Deaf people groups and will help deaf translators in several countries that need scriptures and will establish at each new Bible Translation in several countries.

Please pray that it is financially given to our Global DOT Ministry with Wycliffe Associates. God bless you.