Farm Animals

How can a goat help you share God’s Word? Millions of people around the world have never seen a Bible. A humble farm animal can help change that.

Christians in remote, impoverished areas—with no Bibles in the heart language of their people—are being equipped with tools and training to translate God’s Word. After generations of waiting, hoping, praying for a miracle, believers will finally be able to experience the life-transforming truth of God’s Word in the language of their hearts!

But in some places, there’s a new threat to Bible translation.

Many families rely on livestock for survival—and when livestock are lost, it’s a crisis! Bible translators have to halt their work in order to keep their families fed. In the past year alone, disease, drought, natural disaster, war, and violence have killed off livestock for many national Bible translators living in poverty.

They can’t survive without farm animals. Your gift can change that and empower them to keep translating God’s Word for their people.

A flock of chickens, a pig, and a goat costs $425. The chickens provide eggs and chicks to sell. A pig produces piglets for sale and meat for the table. A goat provides nutritious milk, and baby goats can be sold—while their manure is actually some of the best fertilizer for crops!

Please give generously to help provide farm animals for national Bible translators in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership that will shine the light of God’s Word into the lives of multitudes still living in spiritual darkness!