Susan Quigley

In the 1990s and early 2000s, before getting involved with Wycliffe Associates, my husband Ed and I helped the Awara people of Papua New Guinea learn how to translate the Bible into their own language.

Now more and more people around the world are translating the Bible into their own language. I, Susan, am part of a team in WA that produces resources to help translators learn about translation issues and understand the Bible accurately. To help them learn about translation issues, we have produced a translation manual. To help them understand the Bible and translate it well, we have produced a translation commentary with entries that explain difficult phrases in each verse and that give suggestions for dealing with various translation issues. We have also produced a dictionary with definitions and translation suggestions for important words in the Bible.

These resources are being translated into major world languages, so that people can learn from them as they translate the Bible into their own language. They are available at Since the content is share-and-share alike, anyone can access and use it, translate and share it, without paying for copyright permission.

Our team continues to produce resources for Bible translators who want to further their understanding of the scriptures. These include a Bible commentary, Bible maps, and a Greek lexicon. These will also be freely available at