Douglas Hamm

Doug was led to India in 2008, to see first-hand the mission work of a free medical clinic, a preacher’s college, orphanages, and projects helping the poor and widowed. Falling in love with the people, their culture, and their hope, Doug returns multiple times each year to continue the Lord’s work in conjunction with raising funds from the US to support the mission. Doug began to pray for a way to leave corporate America and do mission work full time. His prayers were answered through Wycliffe Associates, now serving as the Regional Discipleship Director for South Asia, which includes India.

During Doug’s travels to India, he discovered there are 1,369 languages; many of which do not have the Bible in their mother tongue. When passing out Bibles at various events, someone would ask for a Bible and it broke Doug’s heart when he realized there was no Bible in their native language and sent that person away empty handed.

Will you partner with us to provide Bible translation for the thousands of people in South Asia who have never read the Bible in their native tongue?

“How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?” Romans 10:14