Deaf Owned Translation (DOT)

The combined Deaf community is the largest unreached people group in the world today. Over 430 unique sign languages are recognized worldwide, but not one full sign language Bible exists, not even in the USA.

Deaf people are often marginalized in mainstream society, and in areas where education is scarce they are rarely given the opportunity to learn how to read. Deaf that do have access to education must learn the local sign language while also learning to read since sign languages are distinct from written languages. Very few Deaf around the world have even seen portions of the Bible in their heart language, even in evangelized areas.

The Deaf Owned Translation (DOT) program is working to train and equip Deaf communities and churches to translate the Bible into their own sign language. Our translation methodology makes the process accessible to native speakers and decreases the time required to produce a final translation.

Sign language is a visual language. Video is used to bring the Word of God to deaf communities. This requires additional equipment and logistics for each DOT translation event. Your gift as a translation partner will make it possible for Deaf communities to translate the Bible into their heart language for the first time.