Community Development

Wycliffe Associates community development team works through national Bible translation partners to provide the tools and training needed to acquire access to clean water and other basic necessities.

Operation Clean Water

Millions of people around the world—children and adults alike—don't have clean water to drink, let alone for bathing or cooking. No one can live without fresh, clean water. Accessing clean water is a life-or-death struggle for multitudes of people that Wycliffe Associates is trying to reach with God's Word—and many are losing the battle.

Eye Glass Program

The Wycliffe Associates Eye Glass Program works with Bible translators, providing access to reading glasses so that newly translated Scripture can be read. The program seeks to work with local suppliers as well as provide microbusiness opportunities that support Bible translation and literacy efforts in the most remote locations of the world.

Community Water System Outreach

Wycliffe Associates community development team enables communities to own the process of constructing sustainable water systems by providing training and equipment.

Biosand Filters

Sometimes the best solution for clean water access is to filter an existing contaminated water source. Biological sand filters are commonly used in municipal water systems in Western countries. The Wycliffe Associates community development team helps provide access to basic tools and training so that microbusinesses that make and sell biosand water filters can thrive.

Bible Translation Training Center Water Systems

Around the world, the community development teams assist Bible translation training centers with access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Without a clean water supply and sanitation facilities, Bible translation teams would spend a significant amount of their time hauling water from local streams and other water sources that are often contaminated.

Rainwater Harvesting and Spring Water Catchment

Rainwater harvesting systems are a great solution in many remote locations where Bible translation is taking place! Water storage is the key. Engineers and local experts work together to design systems to catch clean water and distribute it to water outlets in villages below. Gravity feed systems are virtually maintenance free and provide a sustainable source of clean water.

Natural Composting and Drip Irrigation

Most national Bible translators are subsistence farmers. The community development team encourages and demonstrates the use of natural composting to build up organic material in the soil. Composting and drip irrigation can have a huge impact even improving health and nutrition.

Hand-Dug Wells and Boreholes

Hand-dug water wells and boreholes provide access to clean water at Bible translation training centers in many communities around the world. The community development team provides access to basic tools and training so that communities can safely dig or drill their own water wells. Those who request assistance are willing to work hard and provide many of their own resources to improve their lives in amazing ways.

Your generous donation can make a difference in the life of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the world: those with no access to God's Word in their language!

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Image by Steve Evans