Bible Distribution

It's happening right now!

The New Testament is being translated into the heart languages of millions of people who have never heard the good news!

National Bible translators are scattered all through Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, diligently working to get every verse translated for their own people. Many of them are hated and endangered. But they are committed—deeply committed to translating the Scriptures.

But once translated, how do they get it to their people? To their church? Their own, whom they love?

Wycliffe Associates provides the most effective technology and equipment to empower national Bible translators in this life-changing work—especially when it means keeping translators safe in the most dangerous areas imaginable!

In countries where Christians are persecuted, arrested, and hunted down, the church is in hiding. Bible translators must meet in secret. In secret they ask us to help them smuggle in printed Bibles in their language, and in some cases for Print On Demand (POD) systems as well as digital apps that include their translated Bible.

Print On Demand is a high-speed, digital printing system that can be hidden in one room of a "safe house." We train workers to operate and maintain this "office equipment" so local believers can bring a flash drive containing Scripture in their own language. A small flash drive, hidden, yet holding such precious words.

In moments, real copies of God's Word are printed quickly, literally "on demand." A few or many books—God’s Word to be distributed to the church. In some areas there are local print shops. Then there are some places where they ask for digital Bibles to read on their phones.

You can help! Right now, we are trying to raise funds to distribute New Testaments for thousands of people who now have translated Scripture but it's not yet distributed.

Would you consider providing a New Testament for believers for just $3 ?

How about providing New Testaments to Christian families hiding in countries of great persecution and wanting to share Scripture with their children, in the language they understand.

Please give generously for the persecuted believers, desperate for God's precious words of love, forgiveness, and mercy, written in their own language.