Scriptures for New Frontiers


After centuries, God miraculously led us to them.

A while ago, they were only rumors to us:

Groups of believers living in extreme isolation, in some of the most imposing terrain on the planet, in the Middle East and Asia—places that take days to get to—

Some under heavy persecution—places too dangerous to name here—some living in exile from oppressive regimes.

With virtually no contact with the outside world . . .

People belonging to huge language groups with millions of speakers, but no Bibles in their language—and only a handful of Christians. Cultures the gospel has never penetrated because of spiritual warfare and oppression . . . and the lack of the gospel in the heart language of the people.

We could never even make contact with them. Until now.

One by one . . . by God’s grace . . . they flickered onto our radar. A rare visitor “happened” to make a comment. Or a remote radio signal crackled to life. Or intrepid Christians trekked through dangerous territory, determined to make contact.

And finally they learned, for the first time, that God could speak their language!

Now that they know the Bible translation tools exist, they can start translating right away—they are waiting, but need the funds to get started!

Will you help to provide what they need?

With training in our innovative MAST strategy—Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation—the entire Bible can be translated efficiently and accurately.


Imagine the strength they’ll get from having Bibles in their own heart language, finally fully understanding the power of God’s love!

Imagine the joy of finally being able to open the Bible and teach their children about Jesus or quietly, lovingly sharing the gospel with a friend!

Imagine these Christians translating the Scriptures and sharing God’s Word with people in their own heart language . . .

MILLIONS could encounter the good news for the first time in their lives. Places of persecution could become seed beds of revival . . . reaching multitudes!

It only takes $19,500 to launch a New Testament translation project—providing laptop computers, software, training, and a safe place to work.

Will you give right now to help them start translating God’s Word?

Your compassion today can change everything for them!