Bible Translation Recording Kits (BTRKs)

Hearing the Gospel Spoken

May be their last chance for salvation

For nearly 2,000 language groups, it will never be enough to hand them a printed Bible. That’s because their language is not written. They have no alphabet and no book could ever reach them.

God has given us the technology that allows national Bible translators in spoken-only language groups to translate and record God’s Word for their people to hear. The technology is called a Bible Translation Recording Kit (BTRK), and it is bringing a flood of revival.

Not just one chapter. Not just one book. Not even one Testament . . . the whole Bible.

At a cost of just $2,000, you can help ensure that entire villages of spoken-only language groups hear God’s Word in their heart language for the first time ever! Your gift today will help provide a complete BTRK for a team of national Bible translators to translate and record the entire Bible.

Please send your very best gift today to provide life-changing, and lifesaving, Bible Translation Recording Kits to people groups waiting to hear God’s Word.