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    Bible Translation Recording Kits (BTRKs)

    Bible Translation Recording Kits (BTRKs)

    Hearing the Gospel Spoken

    May be their last chance for salvation

    It’s a tragedy . . .

    Too often, we hear stories from Bible translators working in remote countries that a villager has passed away without ever reading a single word of Scripture.

    But it’s not by choice . . .

    The spiritual emptiness comes because their language isn’t written—so it can’t be read.


    Nyen is a young man, and part of the Yemba people in Cameroon.

    Bound by the cultural chains of darkness, this remote people group has a host of alarming rituals. They dig up their dead, gather the skulls, and perform religious rites. They worship trees and mountains, sacrifice goats and chickens, and pray to spirits for protection . . .

    And for centuries, they had no written language.

    By God’s grace, Nyen heard the gospel story and came to faith in Christ. From that moment, there was nothing more urgent for Nyen than sharing the truth of God’s Word with his beloved elderly father.

    It was a huge risk. His father controlled the family, and the village culture kept voices like Nyen’s silent.

    But the fire in Nyen’s heart was burning, and the Holy Spirit prompted him to speak . . .

    He came to his father and sat humbly at his feet, and began to speak God’s Word aloud.

    He spoke God’s love in the language of his father’s heart.

    On hearing the good news, Nyen’s father uttered five simple words:

    “This is the real God.”


    For nearly 2,000 language groups, it will never be enough to hand them a printed Bible. That’s because their language is not written. They have no alphabet and no book could ever reach them.

    Unless you can offer them something they can hear . . .

    God has given us the technology that allows national Bible translators in spoken-only language groups to translate and record God’s Word for their people to hear. The technology is called a Bible Translation Recording Kit (BTRK), and it is bringing a flood of revival in countries like Cameroon.

    It could not be more simple or affordable.


    Your gift today will help provide a complete BTRK for a team of national Bible translators to translate and record the entire Bible.

    Not just one chapter. Not just one book. Not even one Testament . . . the whole Bible.

    At a cost of just $500, you can help ensure that entire villages of spoken-only language groups hear God’s Word in their heart language for the first time ever!

    Right now, we need to provide 698 BTRKs for upcoming Bible translation projects. National Bible translators are standing by and ready to work just as soon as your gift arrives.

    Please send your very best gift today to provide life-changing, and lifesaving, Bible Translation Recording Kits to people groups waiting to hear God’s Word.

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